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Since 1912, the HKU Libraries has been serving as a knowledge hub and repository of wisdom, for students, staff, alumni and the Hong Kong community. We invite you to join us in honouring these memories and continuing the rich legacy of the HKU Libraries.

Receive 1 of 111 limited-edition anniversary Quills with a donation of HK$11,000 as a token of our appreciation. This contribution will be added to your total contribution as a donor. At a total of HK$20,000, you will be invited to be a member of the HKU Foundation with all of its benefits. Please refer to the HKU Foundation memberships at 

The Quill represents the Libraries' celebration of 111 years of dreams. Green, blue, red, and yellow stones adorn the quill, echoing the colours of the University of Hong Kong's shield. Proudly wear or display this special quill to honour your memories of HKU and its Libraries! It could also be a unique gift to loved ones for years to come.
Coming November 2023 

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