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"Chan Kwan Po Papers" Donation Ceremony

Date: December 2023
Venue: Main Library
Languages: Cantonese

"Chan Kwan Po Papers" Donation Ceremony

Mr. Chan Kwan Po (1898-1982) was a teacher in the HKU School of Chinese and a former Fung Ping Shan Librarian. During the Second World War, he risked his life to protect and rescue more than 30,000 volumes of rare books from different parts of China as well as the birth and death records of the Hong Kong government. He was recognised for his important contributions to the preservation of national assets and post-war social reconstruction.📚

With the author’s life record of over half a century (1921-1982), "Chan Kwan Po Papers" is praised as "the witness of a great era". It will be a precious item for the studies of Hong Kong's modern history and cultural exchanges between China and Hong Kong. The manuscripts are also notable for its academic and cultural preservation value.📜💎

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Tse Wing Kwon, the son-in-law of Mr. Chan Kwan Po, for his generous donation of the complete manuscripts. A ceremony was held at the Special Collections today, graced by the presence of Prof. Richard Wong, the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at HKU. The "Chan Kwan Po Papers" and its associated artifacts will be permanently preserved in the HKU Libraries.📖

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